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Article: Buying cycling clothing online: how do you put together your outfit?

Online fietskleding kopen: hoe stel je jouw outfit samen?

Buying cycling clothing online: how do you put together your outfit?

Do you like cycling and are you regularly found on two wheels? Then it is important that you wear the right outfit for cycling. The cycling clothing you wear depends on the ride, the duration, the season, the cycling discipline and of course the season. There are so many different types of cycling that it is important to make sure you have the right cycling clothing that suits what you are doing. Whether you cycle to work every day, go out with your cycling team at the weekend or cycle competitively.

What makes cycling clothing different from regular clothing?

Cycling clothing is designed to provide extra comfort when you are on the bike. For example, a cycling jersey is longer at the back than at the front. This also keeps your back covered when you lean forward on your handlebars. Cycling shorts often have a fit or chamois between the legs. This provides extra comfort when you sit on a hard saddle while riding. For safety reasons, it is wise to always wear a helmet while cycling. This can prevent unpleasant injuries if you fall. In addition, there are useful accessories that make cycling more enjoyable. Consider a base layer that you wear under your cycling clothing. This ensures that moisture is properly removed. Good socks also offer extra comfort. In short, cycling clothing is designed for both form and function, to be comfortable and look good, rain or shine.

What does a cycling outfit consist of?

A good outfit for cycling consists of various parts of cycling clothing. In this article we zoom in deeper on a basic outfit for a cyclist. When cycling, a cyclist needs the following clothing:

  • Helmet
  • Cycling jacket
  • Cycling shirt
  • Cycling shorts
  • Cycling socks
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling gloves

Choosing the right bicycle helmet: fitting and measuring

When selecting a new helmet, a good fit is absolutely crucial. After all, a helmet only offers optimal protection when it fits properly on your head. It is important that the helmet fits firmly but comfortably; A helmet that is too large can compromise your safety, while a helmet that is too small can cause discomfort and distraction while cycling. A useful tip is to measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows to determine the correct size helmet.

When trying on the helmet, also pay attention to the correct positioning. Place the helmet straight on your head, with the front about 1 to 2 cm above your eyebrows. The helmet should extend horizontally just above your ears to the back. If you notice that the helmet is tilting forward or backward, this may indicate an incorrect fit for the shape of your head.

Buy a cycling jacket: for cool summers and cold winters

A cycling jacket or cycling jacket is an essential piece of equipment for every cyclist. Cycling jackets offer more protection and warmth than long-sleeved cycling jerseys, making them ideal for cold days and changeable weather conditions. For cold winters there are winter jackets with a good lining. In summer, wind stoppers, also called waistcoats, are an important part of the outfit.

Windstopper for the summer

A windstopper or waistcoat provides windproof protection against cold winds. The Windstopper Gile t from Acelera is made of a special layer at the front that protects your upper body against cold wind. A breathable mesh on the back ensures that perspiration is effectively removed. This is useful when a cold wind suddenly arises. But also when you cycle in the mountains abroad. After you have warmed up considerably from the effort of cycling up. You can cool down considerably during the descent. A vest or windstopper ensures that you do not cool down while descending.

Winter cycling jacket

In winter it is important to have a good protective layer against cold and possible rain. A good windbreaker has a fleece lining on the inside and a waterproof outer layer. Cycle in cold weather conditions with our versatile cycling jacket . The windproof layer protects you from cold gusts, allowing you to stay comfortable even on descents.

Cycling shorts, bib shorts, cycling shorts in all shapes and sizes!

Perhaps the cycling shorts are the most important part of cycling clothing. Why are cycling shorts so important? While cycling you are of course mainly concerned with your legs (duh!). Whether you are an avid cyclist, enjoy spending your weekends on your mountain bike, or simply enjoy leisurely rides around the city, the right cycling shorts can significantly improve your cycling experience. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the perfect cycling shorts to suit your needs? Let's explore the different types of cycling shorts and discover what makes them unique.

Types of cycling shorts

Cycling shorts : Cycling shorts have a waistband around the waist. This keeps the pants in place. These cycling shorts provide a cooling effect. These pants are often used for cycling, spinning or rocycling.

Bib shorts : are cycling shorts with bib shorts that go over the shoulders, which helps keep the shorts in place without a tight waistband. This provides extra comfort during long rides, as it reduces pressure points around the waist. The Intermediate cycling shorts are cut from one piece of fabric. Which prevents irritation while cycling.

Long cycling shorts : perfect for colder conditions and early morning rides. These pants offer full coverage of the legs and sometimes even a waterproof or windproof layer. A good lining ensures that you stay comfortable and warm. Like the Acelera Long Bib .

What should you pay attention to when buying cycling shorts?

Padding: good cycling shorts have padding, also called chamois, between the legs. This is a foam cushion that provides comfort and absorbs shocks while cycling. When you sit on the saddle, all the weight of your upper body presses on this spot on the saddle. It is therefore extremely important that there is good material between your body and the saddle. The pressure points are relieved by a combination of pads in the chamois. The padding or chamois in cycling shorts helps reduce friction and prevents abrasions or irritation in sensitive areas such as the buttocks and perineum. It also contributes to the cyclist's comfort and support during long rides by reducing the impact of vibrations and road imperfections.

Material : A good breathable material is essential for comfort during long rides. Look for fabrics that wick moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable.

Fit : The pants should be tight but not constricting, to minimize friction and irritation. A good fit also provides optimal support for your muscles.

Ventilation : For hot days or intense rides, make sure your pants have ventilation options, such as mesh panels that provide extra air circulation.

Reflective elements : for those who often ride at dusk or in the dark, reflective details on the cycling shorts are a must for safety and visibility.

Comfort is extremely personal, especially when it comes to longer distances. Choosing the right cycling shorts is an essential step towards comfortable and enjoyable cycling trips. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first pair or an experienced cyclist looking to upgrade your gear, remember that the best cycling shorts are the ones that fit your body and your rides.

Cycling socks

It is not wrong to pay a little attention to the smallest piece of clothing on your body: the cycling socks. Important properties of socks are moisture wicking, fit, but especially compression and durable support. In this blog we go into more detail about the facts about cycling socks.

Cycling gloves

Why should you wear cycling gloves? They help improve comfort and are an element of safety. All cycling gloves contain some type of padding, and this is essential for a comfortable ride. Gloves add friction and strengthen your grip, especially in warmer weather when you may have sweat dripping down your arms and onto your hands. Your gloves absorb that moisture and help you maintain a stable grip, especially on bumps in the road where your hand can easily slip off the handlebars. View Acelera's cycling gloves .

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