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Article: The Tour of the Basque Country 2022 (Itzulia Basque Country)

De Ronde van het Baskenland 2022  (Itzulia Basque Country)

The Tour of the Basque Country 2022 (Itzulia Basque Country)

Since 2011, the Tour of the Basque Country has been back. That is, with the exception of 2020 in which the competition was halted due to the Covid-19 measures. This year's Itzulia Basque Country is April 4-9. The round consists of six stages, one is ridden every day. Below you will find which Dutch cyclists will ride along, and a short description of each stage they will complete.

Route Tour of the Basque Country 2022

Dutch cyclists in the Tour of the Basque Country

Eight Dutch cyclists will participate this year. These eight riders are divided over four teams, Jumbo-Visma, Team DSM, Burgos - BH and Trek-Segafredo.

The Jumbo-Visma team:

  1. Pascal Unicorn
  2. Robert Gesink
  3. Milan Father
Team DSM:
  1. Tim Naberman
  2. Martin Tusveld
Burgos - Bra:
  1. Alexander Miller
  2. Jesse Ball
Trek - Segafredo
  1. Anthony Tolhoek

The six stages

As mentioned earlier, six stages will be ridden in six days. We list them for you.

Day 1: Hondarribia - Hondarribia (April 4)

The Tour of the Basque Country starts with a 7.5 kilometer ride with 1 climb. It is therefore a shorter route around the city, but with a steep climb it is still a route to be reckoned with. During this route, riders also have the chance to win points for the so-called King of the Mountain or 'King of the Mountain' jersey. This will result in a small time difference in the general classification.

Stage 1 Tour of the Basque Country

Day 2: Leitza - Viana (April 5)

The distance of the ride on day two immediately makes up for the shorter part on the previous day, as this round almost ticks at 208 kilometers. It is therefore the longest stage of the entire Tour. The terrain makes for a difficult start, with many inequalities. In total there are three climbs, and two sprints. What also makes the race fun to watch is that the difference from the previous day's race will be a few seconds. That makes every second count and at the end of the ride there will be a sprint which will ensure an exciting finish. Wind is expected, which will make it extra difficult.

Stage 2 Tour of the Basque Country 2022

Day 3: Laudio - Amurrio (April 6)

On the third day of the Tour, a total of 182 kilometers will be cycled. The route consists of 5 climbs and two sprints, and the route can be described in two parts. The first part around Laudio is a bit easier, with less severe conditions. The second half of the route at Amurrio, however, will be a lot tougher. The roads the peloton rides on are narrow with sharp bends. So it will be a battle for the win.

Stage 3 Tour of the Basque Country

Day 4: Vitoria Gasteiz - Ingeteam Parke Zamudio (April 7)

On this day, the race will be exciting from the start. That can just ensure that a leading group is created quite quickly. The 185 kilometer route contains 4 climbs and again two sprints. Towards the end of the race there is a steep climb, where there are many opportunities.

Stage 4 Tour of the Basque Country

Day 5: Ingeteam Parke Zamudo - Mallabia (April 8)

There are no tough climbs on the penultimate day of the Tour, but the 164-kilometer route is full of elevation changes. So it will still be a lot of effort for the drivers. In addition, the weather conditions in this area can be turbulent, which also contributes to the difficulty level. The last kilometer is not on flat ground either, but the road rises slightly, which will make the finish difficult. In total there are 5 climbs and two sprints.

Stage 5 Tour of the Basque Country

Day 6: Eibar-Arrate (April 9)

This last stage of the Tour of the Basque Country has earned the nickname 'Queen stage' due to its high level of difficulty. It is therefore a worthy ride to close the Ronde. There are seven tough climbs and two sprints, spread over 136 kilometers. It will be a challenge to win the ride.

Stage 6 Tour of the Basque Country

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