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Acelera Sustainability

With a good feeling

By bike

With a good feeling on the bike

Acelera focuses on creating a good feeling on the bike. We do this on the basis of three important pillars: sustainability, quality and design.

By producing in an environmentally responsible manner, Acelera reduces its ecological footprint. For example, we use recycled PET bottles to make our products. In addition, our clothing is made exclusively from strong and durable materials.

The clothing is comfortable and lasts extra long. Acelera's minimalist design is reflected in its simplicity and functionality. The design is without superfluous details and focuses on smart functionalities for support while cycling. The accessible price ensures a sustainable and high-quality alternative for every cycling enthusiast.

That's why you always get on your bike with a good feeling with Acelera!

Recycled material

Acelera wants to be at the forefront of sustainability. That is why the Professional collection is produced from recycled PET bottles. By converting waste into new materials, we contribute to a circular clothing industry. For us, a circular production process, the use of renewable materials, a minimal impact on people and the environment and local production means. Read more about the production process >>

From pet bottle to cycling shirt

Each cycling jersey contains 15 recycled PET bottles

Strong quality

The most environmental benefits can be achieved by extending the lifespan of clothing. That is why, in addition to recycled material, there is also a focus on high quality. The seams are double stitched for extra strength. And we offer a free repair service. So that even after years of intensive use of the clothing you do not need to replace it quickly.

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Locally produced

Acelera cycling clothing is produced in northern Italy. This is more expensive than producing in low-wage countries, but it allows us to keep control over the entire production process. The clothing is made in good working conditions, of reliable quality and meets European certificates in the field of sustainable production.

Production certificates

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