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Manufacturing process

From PET bottle to cycling jersey

How do we recycle used PET bottles?

From old bottle to top quality cycling clothing from Acelera. Recycling old PET bottles is an important part of the production process of our circular cycling clothing. Below we explain in 6 steps how we make the highest quality cycling clothing from an old bottle.

1. Recycle old PET bottles

The first step in making our circular cycling clothing is recycling old PET bottles. By reusing waste material, we do not have to claim new natural resources such as petroleum.

2. Reduce and clean

Before we make new clothes from old bottles, we shred the bottles. These chips are then thoroughly cleaned so that pure material remains.

3. Manufacture granules

After the chips are completely clean, they are melted down into polyester granules. These granules are now made of pure polyester and are therefore just as strong as polyester that is obtained from petroleum.

4. Spinning Yarn

From this step on, the process is identical to manufacturing 'regular' cycling clothing. Strong yarns are spun from the polyester granules. These yarns form the basis of our clothing.

5. Weaving fabrics

Fabrics can now be woven from the recycled yarn. Our clothing consists of 98% recycled polyester and 2% elastane. That two percent is necessary to make the clothing flexible and stretchy, which in turn benefits the lifespan of our products.

6. Production

We then cut panels from the large pieces of fabric that are sewn together by hand. Our production workshop is located in the north of Italy. By keeping production close to home, we also limit transport emissions.

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