Aero fit:

The aero fit is designed for the most competitive and performance-oriented cyclists. This fit is tight on the skin and has a tight fit. The purpose of this fit is to minimize air resistance and thus maximize speed. Aero clothing is made of very elastic material and fits around the body like a second skin. Due to the very tight fit and the reduction of excess fabric and seams, friction is minimized and aerodynamics are improved.

Sporty fit:

The sporty fit is designed for cyclists who are looking for a tight, aerodynamic fit, but also want to have sufficient freedom of movement while cycling. It is slightly less tight than the aero fit, but still close to the skin. Sporty clothing has a little more stretch than aero clothing, so there is more freedom of movement. The sporty fit is ideal for cyclists who want to perform at a high level, but also find comfort important.

Classic fit:

The classic fit is designed for cyclists who value comfort and functionality over aerodynamics. The classic fit is not as tight as the aero or sporty fit, but it is tight enough to prevent the fabric from flapping while cycling. The classic fit has more room than the aero or sporty fit and is therefore also suitable for cyclists with a somewhat larger physique. The classic fit is also suitable for long rides where comfort is important.

In short, the choice of a certain fit depends on personal preference and the intended activity. When speed and performance are most important, the aero fit is the best choice. The sporty fit is suitable for cyclists looking for a good combination of performance and comfort. When comfort and functionality are the top priority, the classic fit is the best choice.