The Most Beautiful Cycling Jerseys

Every season has beautiful cycling shirts for men. A lot of unique cycling jerseys have been released over the years. In the past, people often cycled in wool, nowadays this is almost always polyester. Wool becomes heavy and stretches when it gets wet. Something that is of course not useful when you are making a lot of effort. That is why the most beautiful cycling shirts are made of polyester.

Cycling jerseys in different colors

Any pattern and any color is possible on a cycling jersey. In competitions, the colors of a cycling jersey often have a paid meaning. In the Tour de France, the yellow jersey, also known as the maillot jaune, is the most coveted piece of clothing in professional cycling. The wearer completed the race in the least amount of time. And thus leads the overall ranking of the race. The green jersey (maillot vert) is awarded to the cyclist with the most points. The characteristic white-and-red-polka dot jersey (maillot à pois rouges) is awarded to the cyclist with the most KOM points. The least striking of all cycling shirts is the white cycling shirt. This is awarded to the cyclist under 26 who has completed the Tour de France in the shortest time.

Cycling shirt Red

Cycling shirt red

A red cycling shirt for men is a real eye-catcher. Red evokes energy and performance, exactly what you need when cycling! A deep red color matches well if your bicycle helmet or road bike also has red accents. View offer cycling shirt red >

Cycling shirt Black

Cycling shirt black

Our favorite blacks are: dark black, light black, pastel black and coal black. :-) A cycling shirt in black is cool and of course fits with everything. So if you want a cycling shirt that you can wear on different racing bikes, go for a black cycling shirt! View offer cycling shirt black >

Cycling jersey White

Cycling shirt white

Just like the black shirt, a white cycling shirt also goes with everything. In addition, it is very nice when the sun shines a lot to wear a light color, such as white, while cycling. View offer cycling shirt white >

Cycling jersey Blue

Cycling jersey blue

In the past, blue was often seen as the color for men. Although that is no longer the case, blue of course remains beautiful. The color exudes confidence. Blue cycling jerseys are often favored by many cyclists. View offer cycling jersey blue >

Cycling shirt Gray

Cycling shirt grey

In addition to the black or white cycling jersey, gray is a color that you can easily combine. Yet cycling jerseys in gray give a unique look. The color accentuates muscles, making you appear powerful while cycling. View offer cycling shirt gray >

Beautiful colors cycling jerseys

Cycling shirts in beautiful colors

The Acelera cycling jerseys are produced in Italy and available in five beautiful colours. The collection is specially designed for male cyclists who want a unique design. Are you curious about the full collection of cycling jerseys? Then quickly discover the cycling shirts offer.

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