Choosing cycling clothing

How do you choose the right cycling clothing?

Cycling outside on a road bike is even better with the right cycling clothing. Good cycling clothing ensures that you can move comfortably and prevents saddle and muscle pain. So make sure you have a good cycling outfit.

What is good cycling clothing?

Good cycling clothing is close-fitting and has a slim fit around your body, but it should not be constricting. In addition to comfort, it is important that your cycling clothing offers the right support and regulates moisture and temperature. Choose high quality fabrics that contain these properties but also last a long time. Acelera cycling clothing is produced in Italy and contains high-quality fabrics that allow you to cycle comfortably, safely and pleasantly.

What should you pay attention to when buying cycling clothing?

Buy cycling clothing in the right size. Most cycling clothing is sometimes just a bit tighter than you are used to. Make sure that your cycling outfit fits well but does not pinch. If you are unsure about the right size, check out the size chart per cycling jersey or cycling shorts.

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