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Article: The story

Het Verhaal

The story

Nice to meet you!

We are Jurrian and Hugo. Founders of Two avid cyclists who wonder why cycling clothing always has to be so expensive.

When you are often on the bike, the need for quality clothing increases. We had enough of zippers that fail, stitches that come loose and, above all, paddings that lose their stretch after 500 kilometers. The only alternative in the market is incredibly expensive cycling clothing.

This can be done differently

So we started looking into the supply chain of Tour de France suppliers. Because where else can you find the best quality cycling clothing? That is how we ended up at a specialized workshop in Italy. Here we developed the Acelera collection. Three themes were central to this: quality, comfort and design.

Cycling clothing from Italy

The basics

It starts with the basics: a good cycling shirt and good cycling shorts. The cycling shirt consists of three panels with different materials. Each placed in place to regulate moisture wicking and provide high performance. Handy pockets on the back and an extra zippered pocket especially for your keys. The pants stay in place thanks to silicone grippers and elastic braces. So that you do not suffer from chafing seams or padding that creeps away. Read all about the smart technology in our clothing here .

Acelera strives for

Affordable cycling clothing, of high quality for a fair price. In addition, we are constantly working on improving and developing the collection. We would therefore like to hear your feedback!

Quality cycling clothing

1 comment

Hoi, helaas ben ik geen vrouwenshirts tegengekomen.
Of heb ik ze over het hoofd gezien?
Ik hoor het graag.
Groet, Marijke


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