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Article: Cycling shirts

Wielershirts in rood wit en blauw

Cycling shirts

Why a cycling jersey?

In contrast to an ordinary sports shirt, a cycling shirt has a number of functional properties that allow you to perform better. The fit is adapted to typical cycling movements. Cycling jerseys are suitable for ambitious cycling races as well as for leisure cycling. The Acelera cycling jerseys with zipper, collar, zipper stopper and pockets are particularly comfortable and practical.

Functional cycling clothing: Materials

Functionality is extremely important for cycling clothing: the material of a cycling shirt must be elastic, so that you as a cyclist have a lot of freedom of movement. Just as important is that the material is breathable. This way, sweat and moisture are well drained from the skin. And you are well protected against cold and sun even during intensive training.

Temperature control plays an important role. Whether you're cycling on chilly or hot days, your body shouldn't cool down too much or overheat. That's why there are cycling shirts for the summer - made of very light material or as thermal shirts for the winter. Insulating layers such as fleece protect against cold and wetness, and a windproof membrane at the front keeps out the cold airflow. There are even cycling tops with UV protection, which reduce the risk of sunburn.

Cycling jerseys must also be practical, in our back pockets you can store your keys, telephone and energy bars, for example. In addition to our subtleblack , white or gray cycling shirts , cycling shirts are also available in red andblue .

Purpose and preference: the fit of your cycling jersey

Acelera's cycling jerseys are slightly shorter in the front and slightly longer in the back. This means that there are no annoying folds on your stomach when you lean forward, but your lower back remains covered. Our models have been specially developed for racing cyclists.

Cycling jerseys for high speed enthusiasts

Every second counts for setting new records, and a baggy shirt will slow you down. That's why our racing shirts are very form-fitting. They envelop your upper body like a second skin and create minimal wind resistance.

The cycling shirts have a zipper, so that you can put them on quickly despite the tight fit. The zipper closes the shirt up to the neck, so that the airflow is stopped. To prevent air pockets under the shirt, the bands on the sleeves and on the back are made of elastic material and fitted with silicone strips.

Blue cycling jersey with silicone strips

Cycling jerseys with short sleeves go well with arm warmers or light cycling jackets and cycling vests. They adapt to current temperatures and weather conditions.

Cycling jerseys for men

Cycling jerseys for men have a different design than cycling jerseys for women, because men and women simply have different anatomy. Women's cycling jerseys are wider at the chest and even narrower at the waist. The shoulders are also narrower. So you have to choose the right cycling jersey for your gender, because the fit offers the best support for the performance of the male or female rider.

Men with cycling jerseys

Care of your cycling jersey

Wash your cycling jersey every time after you use it, preferably in the machine. Never wash the shirt too hot, a gentle wash at 30° C is recommended. Never use fabric softener, as this can damage the fibers of the functional material. Cycling jerseys also do not tolerate the tumble dryer very well. Therefore hang your cycling jersey after washing. With special textile care you keep the fabrics breathable and bright in color for longer. Read the recommended washing instructions here .

Find your perfect cycling jersey at

View the selection of cycling jerseys in the Acelera online shop. We have professional cycling jerseys for men. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us.

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