Perform with Acelera

Acelera is a technical bicycle brand that focuses entirely on promoting cycling performance. By working together with experts who have more than 25 years of experience in the development of cycling clothing, Acelera is at the forefront of the European cycling market. Acelera focuses on a narrow range with exceptional technology, quality and design. So that you deliver the best performance on the road bike.

Performance-oriented Cycling Clothing

Performance, Quality & Development

Acelera was founded out of the need for a powerful and high-quality cycling brand. We are fascinated by achieving the best result. Our DNA therefore consists of performance, quality and product development. It is not for nothing that progress is woven into our name.

Quality cycling clothing

The best cycling clothing

Our cycling clothing is carefully designed and extensively tested. The Acelera collection is produced with the utmost care in our factory in northern Italy. With an eye for every detail, our experts work every day to make the best cycling clothing. As a result, Acelera guarantees the highest quality.

Cycling clothing from Italy