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Article: Nutrition tips to lose weight with cycling

Voedingstips om te gaan afvallen met wielrennen

Nutrition tips to lose weight with cycling

To lose weight it is crucial to feed your body properly, but how do you do this best in combination with cycling? In this article we discuss the best nutrition tips that will help you lose weight with cycling.

Tip 1: What should you eat to lose weight?

A professional nutrition plan looks different for everyone, every person has different preferences and eating habits. To lose weight sustainably, it is important not to forbid yourself anything, but to find a balance in your diet. Of course there are also certain foods that help you lose weight! To start losing weight with cycling, it is important to get enough protein-rich foods, because proteins give you a fuller feeling for longer (moreover, protein stimulates fat burning!). Eat whole grain products in addition to sufficient proteins. Whole grain products contain a lot of B vitamins, iron and magnesium. They also contain more dietary fiber and fiber ensures a longer feeling of satiety. It is also always important to continue to eat enough fruit and vegetables, they provide a lot of vitamins and fiber. Something you might expect less but certainly not less important, fats! Take a good look at which fats you eat, because there is a big difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. To lose weight, it is important to eat enough unsaturated fats. unsaturated fatty acids are essential for the body, you can find these fats in for example; avocados, salmon and nuts

Tip 2: Keeping track of your calories

For those who want to lose weight with cycling, the golden rule remains: eat fewer calories than you consume! If you eat more than you consume, you gain weight. Do you eat just as much as you consume, does it stay the same, sounds simple right? Yet many people find it difficult to eat fewer calories than they consume. This is often because they are not aware of the number of calories they are taking in and the number of calories they are expending. It is therefore important to know how many kcal you burn per day and to adjust your diet accordingly. You can do this by keeping track of your meals in an app or on paper, so that you have a clear picture of what you eat per day. may/can eat.

Tip 3: Drink enough water!

Drinking enough water is very important if you want to lose weight with cycling, it ensures, among other things, that you get less hungry and drinking water stimulates fat burning. For an average person, 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day is sufficient, but that depends on a number of factors such as weight, height and level of exertion. If you want to lose weight, it is therefore important to eat healthy, exercise regularly and drink enough water!

Tip 4: Eating & drinking before cycling

To present optimally on the bike, it is important to eat a healthy meal with about half a liter of water 2 to 3 hours before the effort. If you are going to exercise for a long time and intensively, it is important to eat carbohydrates 2 to 3 hours in advance. Eating before exercising ensures that you have more fuel in your body to perform to the maximum. If you are going to eat a meal just before cycling, it is better not to choose a large portion and not products that contain a lot of fat, protein or dietary fibre. These remain in your stomach for a long time and you can suffer from this while cycling.

Tip 5: Eat healthier, eat less & move more

Nutrition determines a large part of how much weight you can lose with cycling. It is very important to eat a lot of products from the disc of 5, and not to eat so much non-disc of 5 products. Cycling is good for losing weight because your muscles are preserved, but cycling alone won't make it because it doesn't give you enough calories to lose weight. So eating less and healthy food plays a crucial role if you want to lose weight. It is therefore important to find the right balance between exercise and nutrition, see tip 2 how you can keep up with this as best as possible.

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