5x Ronde Hoep and alternatively around Amsterdam

The Ronde Hoep, perhaps the most standard cycling round of every Amsterdammer. The round, loved by many, has almost everything a cyclist is looking for: fast in nature, low-traffic, good asphalt and getting lost is an art since the route is very easy. The name Ronde Hoep comes from the polder through which this round passes, because this polder is called Rondehoep. This polder is located between Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Abcoude and Uithoorn. The area can be reached by road bike from Amsterdam within 10 minutes, making it the perfect base for many cyclists.

Being able to vary your standard cycling routes provides variety and gives you the opportunity to cycle a little shorter and sometimes a little longer. That is why we have made and tested five variations on the standard Rondje Hoep. You can download these cycle routes for your bicycle navigation or use them on your mobile phone. We have built up the cycling routes from short to long. If you also want to discover other cycling routes around Amsterdam, keep an eye on our Route page or follow us on our Instagram . We regularly publish new routes that we have tested for you.

Accelera | Original Ronde Hoep from Amsterdam Rai

The original round: the Ronde Hoep. We have chosen Amsterdam Rai as a starting point because you can easily start the route from here. As described, the cycling route is approximately 36 kilometers long and suitable for both novice and experienced cyclists.

Accelera | Ronde Hoep extended via Nes and Uithoorn from Amsterdam

With this cycling tour you make an extra loop through the nice town of Uithoorn. The cycle route is approximately 45 kilometers long and suitable for every type of cyclist.

Accelera | Ronde Hoep via Nes, Weesp and Diemen from Amsterdam Rai

Nice cycling route that not only takes you through the polder but also sends you a little more between paths and small ditches. Especially the area around Weesp is very beautiful. The route is 46 kilometers long and therefore suitable for every type of cyclist.

Accelera | Ronde Hoep extended towards Mijdrecht, from Amsterdam Rai

A fantastic cycling route if you want to be a bit further outside the polder of the Rondehoep. This tour takes you along the peat landscape around Mijdrecht and brings you back to Amsterdam via the polder. This cycling route is approximately 55 kilometers long and therefore suitable for the average cyclist with a little experience and fitness.

Accelera | Round Hoep Along Nes on the Amstel Round trip from Amsterdam Rai

Perhaps the nicest cycling route of all. This route takes you through the whole area and is perfect for the cyclist looking for a slightly bigger challenge. The cycle route is about 70 kilometers long and requires a good condition.

Cycling routes from Amsterdam

Those were our five tips about the best cycling routes around the Ronde Hoep and Amsterdam. If you have any tips, questions or comments about one of these routes, please contact us quickly via the chat function, email or socials! For example, we can often send you the GPX file without a Komoot account!

Nickname Round Hoop

De Ronde Hoep is not only loved by cycling fanatics and hipster cyclists from Amsterdam. That is why fanatics also call this round the ' yuppie round'. Which name we think the round should have, we leave it in the middle, you can fight that out yourself!

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