Discover short sleeve cycling jerseys for men designed for top performance on the bike. Cycling jerseys in a sleek design with a comfortable fit and excellent moisture regulation. The cycling shirts are produced in Italy and have been specially developed for men. Choose from five colors of cycling jerseys. Cycling shirts offer.

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At Acelera we are committed every day to producing the best cycling jerseys. The cycling jerseys are handmade in the north of Italy. The cycling jerseys contain all clever features. For example, our cycling shirt has a handy zipper pocket on the back where valuables can be stored. In addition, we have also incorporated elastic pockets on the back of the cycling shirt so that there is always enough space for your food, mobile and other materials.
In addition, our cycling shirts are specially developed based on the anatomy of the man. For example, the cycling shirt has broad shoulders and an elastic hem that falls nicely around the stomach. Another advantage of our cycling jersey for men is the elastic gripper at the bottom. This keeps the cycling shirt in place, even during intensive efforts.

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Order your own cycling shirt for men quickly and easily via our webshop. Whether you want to order a cycling shirt, cycling shirt or cycling shirt, you are always at the right place at Acelera. Because ordering cycling jerseys can be difficult, we offer favorable conditions for returns. This way you can order cycling shirts for men with confidence. Are you unsure about your size? Consult the size chart or contact us via the chat function.

Material cycling jerseys

Our cycling jerseys are made of light, high-quality material. The cycling shirts are made of highly breathable material which ensures that moisture is quickly removed. This keeps you cool while cycling and the shirt does not get soaked with sweat. A special piece of mesh fabric has been processed in the armpits so that it ventilates extra well in this area.

Cycling shirt with short sleeves

View our cycling jerseys with short sleeves. We have these available in five different colors, so there is always a cycling shirt with short sleeves for you. An elastic band is incorporated in the short sleeves of the cycling shirt. This keeps the short sleeves in place.

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