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Article: The Guide to the Best Cycling Clothing

Dé Handleiding voor de Beste Wielerkleding

The Guide to the Best Cycling Clothing

There are many reasons to buy a new set of cycling clothing. Perhaps you have just bought a new bicycle, your old cycling clothing is worn out, your salary has just been paid or a new cycling season is about to begin. Of course we can go on like this for a while! Whatever your reason may be, buying the right cycling clothing is not as easy as it seems. To ensure that you will soon be on your bike with the perfect cycling clothing set, we have made a guide on how you can best buy your cycling clothing for men.

What bike do you ride?

First of all, it is useful to ask yourself on which bike you will wear the cycling clothing. As a result, you will know better what you are looking for when looking for clothing. A set of cycling clothing for long tours must meet different requirements than competition clothing. Although everyone naturally has personal preferences and requirements for their cycling clothing, we have listed the most important requirements of the three most common cycling disciplines.

Cycling Clothing Set

Long tours

For long bike rides it is important that the cycling clothing set offers the perfect combination between comfort and speed. Because you often spend a long time on the bike, the shirt must fit comfortably and the chamois in the pants must offer a lot of comfort. The cycling shirt must also have pockets so that you can take the necessary food with you.

Driving competition

If you are looking for clothing for competitions, then you should look for tight aerodynamic cycling clothing. Look at the fabric of the cycling clothing: is it of the right elasticity and what material is the product made of? Some types of fabric have up to 10 percent less air resistance than regular polyester shirts.

Gravel biking

With gravel biking it is important that the cycling clothing stays in place. Because you move a lot and cycle on uneven paths, it is advisable to look for cycling shorts with suspenders. Also take a cycling shirt that stays in place, a cycling shirt with a silicone gripper at the bottom is a must.

Search for the right cycling clothing

Now that you know what requirements your cycling clothing set for men must meet, you can start looking! When looking for cycling clothing, there are still a few things you can pay attention to. Just like with racing bikes, you can also spend as much money as you want with cycling clothing. It is advisable to be realistic about the requirements you set and the amount you want to spend on this. Is a price too good to be true? Unfortunately, that is often the case. Cheap cycling clothing is often less comfortable and usually lasts less time. Investing in a good set of cycling clothing is not only better for your wallet in the long term, it also ensures that you enjoy cycling more. Because let's face it, no one goes for fun with an abrasive chamois or a shirt that creeps up on the bike.

Check the quality of cycling clothing

Because cycling clothing is often bought online these days, it is advisable to check the quality. In a physical store this is of course self-explanatory, but online it is of course more difficult to recognize. To avoid surprises, look at the country where the clothing is made. Almost all major cycling brands produce their clothes in Europe. This is because cycling clothing from Europe is usually of better quality than cycling clothing from other parts of the world. It can also pay to read the technical description with the clothes. If information is limited or insufficient, you often know enough.


In short, you go through three steps when selecting cycling clothing:

  • First of all, you think carefully about the requirements that the clothing must meet.
  • Then you look for cycling clothing that meets these requirements.
  • Finally, you check the quality of the clothing so that you are sure that you have found the right price/quality ratio.

If you still have questions after reading this manual, feel free to send us a message. Acelera is happy to help you!

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