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Article: Three routes for the weekend (or weekdays if you have time)

Drie routes voor in het weekend (of doordeweeks als je tijd hebt)

Three routes for the weekend (or weekdays if you have time)

At VeloScout and Acelera we never sit still. If we are not at work, we are on the bike. And while cycling we discover new beautiful routes. These routes are so beautiful that it would be selfish of us not to share them with you. In this blog we slowly descend to the south. First of all we share a beautiful route in North Holland, then a real South Limburg pearl and we finish with a real calf biter in the Ardennes.

Acelera: Tour of Water Supply Dunes

You may be familiar with this route if you live in Amsterdam or on the coast. This classic takes you past all the beautiful parts of the Randstad, without constantly driving through residential areas. If you start in Amsterdam, it takes a while to bite the bullet. Only after 20 minutes you are comfortably outside the city and the great enjoyment can begin. Forest, dunes and bulb fields, this route has it all. Tip from us: treat yourself to fresh fish at one of the fishmongers on the beach.

Acelera: Beautiful around Maastricht

It may be superfluous to say that you can cycle beautifully in Limburg, but we'll do it anyway: this tour is really a gem. It takes you along rivers, lakes and two border crossings. You could therefore also call it a cross-border beautiful trip. With 550 altimeters, this tour is doable for everyone and there are plenty of catering establishments along the way to relax.

Acelera: Ardennes - Bouillon - Round trip from Paliseul

As everyone knows, the Ardennes are one of the first real trials close to home. This tour has more than 1000 altimeters and the moment you are just getting started (read: you are at ⅔) you get to choose three climbs of 10%. That is why we also call this route a calf biter. Fortunately, after these three ascents, you cycle the tour fairly flat. This tour does require some character at times, so if you are getting on your bike for the first time, we recommend that you choose a different route.

Even more itineraries...

We are constantly testing new routes and adding the best to our website. Sign up for the newsletter or look at other routes we have published before.

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