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Article: Cycling clothing set for men

Fietskleding set heren

Cycling clothing set for men

Whether you are a novice cyclist or have more kilometers in your legs, a complete cycling clothing set for men cannot be missing in your equipment. In this blog we explain what a cycling clothing set consists of and what the function of each part is. Of course some parts of the cycling clothing set are seasonal, for example a jacket in the summer is often unnecessary. If you are looking for tips on what clothes you need per season, read our blog about the clothes per season. The blog is built the way we would dress ourselves, starting with a base layer.

Base Layer / undershirt

Every outfit starts with a base layer. This piece of fabric is comfortable but fairly tight around your body. The base layer is made to quickly absorb and drain moisture. A good base layer keeps you dry and gives you just that little extra warmth when it's a little cooler. For example during a descent. For these reasons, a base layer is an important part of the cycling clothing set.

Men's cycling shorts

Cycling shorts

After you have put on a nice basic shirt, perhaps the most important part of your cycling clothing set: the cycling shorts. The cycling shorts ensure that you can sit comfortably on your saddle and offer long-lasting support during your rides. In addition, cycling shorts support the leg muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Do you want to know more about how to choose the right cycling shorts? Then read our tips for buying the right cycling shorts . To be able to race all year round, we recommend that you include long trousers in your cycling clothing set, outside the summer.

Men's cycling jersey

Cycling jersey

Now that you have a base layer and cycling shorts on, your cycling clothing set is starting to look a bit like it. Now it's time to put on a nice cycling jersey. A cycling jersey, also known as a cycling shirt, has several functions. First of all, a good cycling jersey regulates moisture and body heat. This so that you do not overheat or become permeated with sweat while cycling. In addition, a cycling shirt protects you against the sun through good UV protection. A good cycling jersey also brings you comfort, it has a smooth zipper that you can easily operate with one hand and it has handy pockets on the back.


Unfortunately for us as Dutch people, we have to believe in a jacket. Where in many countries a windstopper will be enough, in the Netherlands you cannot avoid purchasing a warm jacket to complete your cycling clothing set. A jacket is the best protection against cold and splashing rain.

Shoes & socks

Of course you need good shoes for your cycling clothing set. Shoes are the point of contact between your body and the bike. They must therefore be tight so that you can best transfer the force. A road bike without clipless pedals is a no-go in our opinion. With clipless pedals, the power is transferred to the bicycle up to 20% more efficiently. Cycling socks play a supporting role in this. They are often thin and prevent you from getting blisters while cycling and stimulate blood circulation to the toes. Essential to have in your cycling clothing set.

Helmet & goggles

Safety comes first. Although this is a statement that the Tour de France sometimes forgets, we think it is very important. The function of a helmet speaks for itself, it protects your head against blows and falls. However, the function of good glasses is often underestimated. Good glasses provide clear vision. As a result, you see dirt and objects on the road earlier and you can anticipate in time. In addition, glasses protect against dirt and flies that end up in your eyes. Because no matter how beautiful the Dutch polder landscape is, you come across those damn animals everywhere. Always wear glasses with the temples over the straps of your helmet, as this will cause the glasses to jump off the face in the event of a fall, which can prevent damage to the eyes.

Even more accessories...

Of course there are more parts that you can add to the cycling clothing set, such as arm and leg warmers or gloves and supplements. Everyone has their own preference in this, but we think that with these parts you have a fairly complete cycling clothing set with which you can cycle around for a large part of the year. Are you excited now? Then take a look at our webshop and shop the best basics of your cycling clothing set for men together!

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