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Article: Cycling clothing from head to toe

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Cycling clothing from head to toe

Cycling clothing should make you feel comfortable on the bike and protect you. Whether summer or winter, heat or cold, rain or wind - with the right equipment you don't have to fear the vagaries of the weather. And that's exactly what cycling and the right cycling clothing are all about: increasing your independence from external conditions and enabling you to just get on the bike and go whenever you want. Of course, this applies just as much to road cycling clothing and MTB clothing as it does to cycling clothing in general.

But the weather is only one of the most important aspects when it comes to cycling clothing - safety is just as important! Reflective elements are therefore a central aspect of modern cycling clothing. Early risers and people cycling in the dark need even more visibility in traffic and need special safety clothing.

The centerpiece of your cycling outfit: the cycling shorts

The cycling shorts are the central element of almost every cycling outfit, literally placed at the cyclist's most important point of contact with the bike: the saddle. The liner can make all the difference depending on the intended use and the time you want to spend in the saddle. A central question with cycling shorts is whether they come with or without braces. Bib shorts are sometimes referred to as "bib shorts" but more often simply "bib shorts" or "bib shorts". Many cycling enthusiasts, from recreational cyclists to ambitious riders and professionals, prefer it, both for training and competition purposes.

How and when you ride, i.e. in what season and in what weather, is important for the type of pants you should choose: shorts or long pants, inner shorts for your MTB shorts or cycling shorts for commuters, recreational cyclists and touring cyclists.

Weather protection and breathability

Functional cycling clothing focuses on the combination of maximum weather protection and the best possible breathability. Especially during long tours or on a racing bike, you need clothing that permanently protects your body against extreme heat, wind, sun or cold, in order to cycle comfortably and stay healthy. Special functional materials are used to effectively protect your body, prevent overheating and wick away moisture. UV protection is also an important aspect of modern cycling clothing, so you can prevent long-term damage to your skin from many hours in the saddle. Winter cycling clothing offers ideal insulation in sub-zero temperatures, so you can enjoy cycling through the coldest time of the year. Of course you need the right accessories to complete your cycling outfit: arm warmers, knee warmers and leg warmers can protect you against wind and cold and also offer UV protection.

One clear brand - with the best cycling essentials

Thanks to a close collaboration with our supplier of cycling clothing in Northern Italy, we are able to continuously deliver competitively priced clothing of first-class quality.

In our online store you will find gravel and road bike clothing, cycling clothing for recreational tours and excursions. Acelera offers the right selection for male cyclists. Cycle through spring, summer, autumn and winter with clothes that fit perfectly, look good and keep you cool or warm thanks to modern fabrics and innovative technologies. Colour, style and design are always sleek and modern. Choose what you like and order your new cycling clothing at excellent prices at Acelera. We'll make sure it's delivered to your home for free in no time!

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