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Article: Characteristics of a good cycling jersey for men

Kenmerken van een goed wielershirt voor mannen

Characteristics of a good cycling jersey for men

Good quality cycling clothing is very important for comfort on the bike. A cycling outfit that fits comfortably ensures that you can move freely and that you can fully focus on your ride on the bike. A good quality men's cycling shirt is lightweight, made of a breathable fabric and comfortable. However, these are just a few of the features of a good cycling jersey.

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Why a good fabric is important when choosing a cycling shirt

Choose a breathable fabric for a cycling shirt, which helps with moisture regulation. This ensures that you don't get too hot when you're on the bike for longer and when you start sweating, the shirt wicks away the sweat. Especially at the forearms it is nice to have a mesh material, for good ventilation. That's great if you make longer bike rides, or if you're a fanatical cyclist. An additional advantage is that the shirt dries quickly. A quick-drying shirt is not only nice for after washing, but the sweat also disappears from your cycling shirt faster during cycling. This makes you feel fresh on the bike for longer. What also helps with this is if the fabric of your cycling shirt is dust and water repellent. A good cycling shirt should also be easy to wash. Always read the washing instructions on the label on the shirt.

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Advantages of a comfortable cycling shirt

Another quality that is very important is that the cycling jersey is lightweight. It's nice if it fits like a second skin, so it won't bother you on the bike. However, you can also opt for a slightly wider fit if you prefer not to have your cycling shirt too tight. When you wear heavy clothing on the bike, your shoulders can suffer or you can become exhausted more quickly. Therefore, wear a lightweight outfit, because it must of course also be comfortable. It is also important that your cycling jersey and cycling shorts last a long time, so that you do not need a new cycling outfit every season. It is therefore worth spending a little more on a good cycling jersey if you pay attention to the qualities you want. However, a good cycling jersey does not have to be too expensive. You usually have a very good quality cycling shirt for men between 60 and 70 euros.

Important details in cycling clothing

Actually, the most important thing is that cycling clothing offers you what you need. Perhaps you already have experience with cycling and therefore know which qualities you like and which you would like to see in a new cycling jersey. Still, there are a few details we would like to share with you. In addition to the aforementioned benefits such as comfort, quality and a breathable cycling shirt, there are also details that complete a cycling shirt. Because you often open the zipper of your shirt with one hand on the bike, it is good if the zipper is of good quality and opens and closes smoothly. It is also not pleasant when the zipper is poking in your neck. Therefore, make sure that you buy a cycling shirt with a zipper garage so that you do not suffer from this. A silicone strip at the bottom of the shirt ensures that it stays on your body without creeping up.

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Tips for choosing a cycling outfit

You probably prefer to get on your bike when the weather is nice. Then it's also good to remember to protect yourself from the sun. A cycling jersey also helps with this, because it covers your body and the sun's rays do not touch your skin. In the winter you may prefer a warmer cycling jersey, but in the summer it is better to wear a cycling jersey with short sleeves, so don't forget to put on sunscreen. There are more ways to protect yourself on a bike. It is also important to be safe and to stand out for the traffic that drives around you. Therefore, also pay attention to reflective elements when you buy road bike clothing.

And last but not least; it is important that you like your cycling shirt and that you feel comfortable in it. A stylish cycling jersey gives you confidence on the bike and can even motivate you to go cycling more often.

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