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Article: What should you pay attention to when purchasing good cycling socks?

Waar moet je op letten bij de aanschaf van goede wielersokken?

What should you pay attention to when purchasing good cycling socks?

A lot is written and spoken about the cycling sock. There are countless cycling sock fetishists looking for the perfect cycling sock. What exactly is the perfect cycling sock and what is the importance of a good sock? We at (URL) are happy to explain what you should pay attention to.

The fit

You have to look for the sock with a correct fit. One that fits tightly around the foot and lower leg. If the sock is tight enough, it will not slide down and slide in your shoe, which prevents you from getting blisters. The structure of the fabric is also very important here. With a mesh top of the foot, moisture is wicked away in the right way. Mesh is a mesh-like way of weaving, which makes the fabric much more breathable. This also prevents annoying irritations that you can get when you have wet sweaty feet.

Pedal sock

The compression effect

If you have a good cycling sock, which is preferably high, it also has a compression effect. Your lower leg is well supported and kept warm. This stimulates blood circulation, which ensures that you acidify less quickly. In the end it's all about the marginal gains of course.

The aerodynamics

The higher cycling socks and in particular the aero socks have an advantage in terms of aerodynamics. It has been scientifically proven that an aero sock – where the piece around your lower leg is made of Lycra – yields valuable watts of profit. So have you not trained properly in the past period? Then take an aero sock, maybe you can get stuck in the last wheel with that.

Aero sock

And… that it looks really good!

And in the end, the most important reason to buy good cycling socks is that you just look incredibly good. What could be better than hitting the road with a flawless white sock?

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