Cycling clothing for men: what to choose?

There is a wide range of cycling clothing for men. There are cycling trousers, cycling shirts and cycling jackets or jackets and cycling socks. Which outfit do you choose as a man for cycling?

Cycling shorts for men

It starts with good cycling shorts with suspenders, also known as bib shorts. Cycling shorts with suspenders are the most popular compared to cycling shorts without suspenders. There is no waistband that can restrict breathing. In a riding position with little aerodynamics, the bib helps to keep the pants up. Cycling shorts without suspenders often fall down while riding and expose the lower back. Bib shorts are the standard among recreational and professional cyclists who like to ride in close-fitting material. This increases the performance on the bike. At Acelera we do our best to develop the perfect cycling shorts. View the Acelera cycling shorts for men here .

Cycling jerseys for men

In addition to the cycling shorts, a good cycling shirt, also known as a cycling jersey, is important. A cycling shirt for men consists of material that wicks away moisture and improves performance through the aerodynamics of the shirt. In spring and summer it is nice to opt for a cycling shirt without sleeves. Made of a breathable fabric that provides cooling. Just like with cycling shorts, a good cycling jersey will influence the performance. After all, aerodynamics and comfort are very important while cycling. Discover the Acelera cycling shirt for men.

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