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Article: Cycling in large sizes

Wielrennen in grote maten

Cycling in large sizes

Every cyclist who watches the Tour de France sees it: extremely trained and sinewy athletes. Not an ounce of fat, tight bodies and cycling clothing that looks like a second skin. However, such a body is only reserved for the absolute top of cycling. For most of us, the body looks different. It doesn't matter to us whether you are taller, shorter or wider. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the most beautiful sport there is: cycling. To ensure that even less trained athletes can enjoy cycling, we have five tips that you can use when choosing cycling clothing for large sizes.

View the size chart

Avoid disappointment, view the size chart immediately and find out whether the clothing is available in your size. In our eyes, there is nothing more disappointing than endlessly searching the internet, finding the perfect cycling shorts only to find out that they are not available in the right size. Save yourself the trouble and make a shortlist of items that are available in your size. In addition, it is good to measure your own size once, so that you are aware of your size and you can, for example, keep track of weight loss. More interested in losing weight with cycling? Then read our blogs Losing weight with cycling and Nutrition tips to lose weight . In this we explain in detail how you take your first steps towards weight loss!

Firm padding (more weight)

This tip makes the most sense. Since men with a large size are heavier than, for example, women, it is important that the padding is adjusted to this. Therefore, when purchasing large sizes of cycling clothing, make sure that the padding is also extra firm. This good padding not only provides more comfort, it also extends the life of your cycling shorts.

Moisture management - in a large size

Those who are larger than average, and therefore need a large size of cycling clothing, generally sweat more than smaller people. This is because the mass of the body relative to the surface of the skin increases. As a result, your body builds up more heat, especially during cycling. To get rid of this body heat, the body perspires. This is also the reason why people with a larger size benefit more from cycling clothing that regulates moisture well. In order not to get soaking wet on the saddle, you should therefore look for cycling clothing made of light fabrics. For example, look at cycling shirts made of polyester with a breathable membrane, or cycling shorts made of spandex. These are both substances that regulate and drain moisture well.

Elasticity of cycling clothing

When looking for cycling clothing for large sizes, it is important that the fabric is elastic. Nothing is more annoying than being restricted in your freedom of movement while racing. Elastic fabrics form nicely around the body and ensure that you can move freely. In addition, it ensures that the clothing stays in place and increases aerodynamics.

Choose a race fit, not a race fit

We have to be honest, we will unfortunately never be as trained and explosive as the pros. However, this does not alter the fact that you too can enjoy cycling to the fullest. To increase comfort, we recommend that you buy a cycling clothing set that has a training/race fit if you need a large size cycling clothing. This is less tight than competition clothing and is more focused on comfort. For example, take a look at our webshop for a nice cycling shirt or cycling shorts.

Choose your plus size cycling outfit

With these five tips in mind, we are convinced that you will choose the right cycling clothing. Do you have any questions or do you want to know more? Please contact us for free advice or view our other blogs about cycling.

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