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Acelera Paddings

Best in class

Acelera Pro Padding

Looking for the ultimate cycling experience? Enjoy long rides without worry.

The padding is made of a generation of extremely high-density foam. Due to its special shape, the padding offers the absolute best protection and fit, which distinguishes it from the Intermediate padding. The fabric has a double layer structure that helps to absorb and wick away moisture.

  • 8 hours of racing fun
  • Double layer structure
  • Thin and powerful

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For hours of cycling fun

Acelera Intermediate padding

Are you a fanatical cyclist? Comfortably cycle medium distances.

The minimalist design is extremely flat at the top and ensures close contact with the skin. While providing the right protection to the bottom of the bib. The padding has a central channel that supports the male anatomy during cycling, relieves pressure on the prostate and promotes blood flow.

  • 6 hours of racing fun
  • Fit closely
  • Minimalist fit

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A very good start

Acelera Essential Padding

Get your cycling career off to a flying start. Suitable for short to medium distances.

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