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Article: Amstel Gold Race 2023: view the course

Amstel Gold Race 2023 Parcours

Amstel Gold Race 2023: view the course

The Amstel Gold Race 2023 is scheduled for Sunday April 16 and is the only official classic for the professionals in the Netherlands. The course starts in Maastricht and leads the peloton along a succession of climbs to the finish in Vilt, near the Cauberg in Valkenburg. The men will have to cover 253 kilometers, while the ladies will have to cover no less than 156 kilometers this year.

On Saturday, April 15, amateurs and enthusiasts can participate in the Tour version of the Amstel Gold Race 2023. Participants can choose from different distances, ranging from 65 to 240 kilometers. The costs for participation vary and depend on the registration. Participants must be entered by lottery to participate.

The course of the Amstel Gold Race is challenging and consists of endless twists and turns. It winds through church villages and narrow roads, which can sometimes make it difficult for viewers to follow the race properly. But for many it is of course mainly about the climbs. There are no less than 33 climbs in the AGR course, including the Loorberg, Cauberg and the Geulhemmerberg, which are visited several times.

The favorites for the Amstel Gold Race 2023 are not yet known, but we already know that Tadej Pogacar and Tom Pidcock will be at the start. Hopefully Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert will also make an appearance. Last year's winner, Martha Cavalli, will be back in the women's race, as will Annemiek van Vleuten, Demi Vollering and Marianne Vos.

The Amstel Gold Race is not only a professional spectacle for the top riders, but also a mighty challenge for enthusiasts. It is a beautiful race that attracts many spectators every year. We are curious to see who will be the winner this year!

Amstel Gold Race 2023

Route of the Amstel Gold Race 2023

In the 2023 Amstel Gold Race, the riders will be treated to a challenging course with 33 slopes and a total distance of 253.6 kilometers. The race starts in Maastricht and heads north, before the first climb of the day, the Maasberg, appears. From that moment on it goes continuously up and down the narrow roads of South Limburg. The riders make ever smaller loops around the finish town of Vilt and get the steepest climbs in front of the wheels throughout the day.

The race starts in Maastricht and heads north, out of the city. After 12 kilometers the first climb appears, the Maasberg. This is just a taste of what's to come, as throughout the day the riders will move from one slope to the next, in increasingly smaller loops around the finish town of Vilt.

The steepest climbs of the day appear in the run-up to the finale, with Gulperbergweg, Kruisberg, Eyserbosweg and Fromberg crammed close together. These climbs are very steep, with parts of more than 20%, which makes it extra difficult for the riders after 200 kilometers of racing. The Keuterberg, 27 kilometers from the finish, will cost the riders even more energy with a steepest section of 22%.

After the Keuterberg, the last climb of the day awaits, the Cauberg, good for 800 meters of hard work at 6.5% and a most difficult section of 12.8%. This is a classic in the Amstel Gold Race, and the riders will have to make every effort to conquer this climb.

The final lap of 16 kilometers starts after crossing the finish line and first takes the riders to the Geulhemmerberg, a climb of 1 kilometer at 5%. Then it goes via the narrow Kuitenbergweg to the Bemelerberg. With 900 meters at 4.5%, this is the last slope of the day and the top is 6 kilometers from the finish. In the hamlet of Gasthuis it turns left, onto the Franse Steeg, and via Terblijt the men race to the line.

The 2023 Amstel Gold Race will be a real challenge for the riders, with a course that has it all: long distances, steep climbs and narrow roads. As a spectator you can enjoy a fantastic cycling race and cheer on the riders as they do their utmost to reach the finish line.

Details Amstel Gold Race

The Amstel Gold Race will be held on Sunday 16 April. Starts at 10:45am and is expected to finish around 4:50pm.

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Below is an overview of all 33 slopes of the Amstel Gold Race 2023. Sorted in order of appearance in the race.

  1. Maasberg: 1.6km, 4.2%
  2. Geulhemmerberg: 1.7 km, 4.6%
  3. Bemelerberg: 900 m, 4.5%
  4. Loorberg: 1.6 km, 5.2%
  5. Sibbergrubbe: 1.8km, 3.9%
  6. Cauberg: 800m, 6.5%
  7. Geulhemmerberg: 1.7 km, 4.6%
  8. Bemelerberg: 900 m, 4.5%
  9. Wolfsberg: 1.2km, 6.3%
  10. Camerig: 4.8km, 4.8%
  11. Drielandenpunt: 0.9 km, 5.2%
  12. Gemmenich: 1.1km, 4.6%
  13. Vijlenerbos: 2.3 km, 3.7%
  14. Eperheide: 2.4 km, 4.4%
  15. Gulperberg: 0.6km, 7.5%
  16. Plettenberg: 1.1km, 5.9%
  17. Eyserbosweg: 1.2 km, 6.2%
  18. Fromberg: 1.6km, 4.8%
  19. Keutenberg: 1.7km, 5.9%
  20. Bergseweg: 2.3 km, 3.7%
  21. Sibbergrubbe: 1.8km, 3.9%
  22. Cauberg: 800m, 6.5%
  23. Geulhemmerberg: 1.7 km, 4.6%
  24. Bemelerberg: 900 m, 4.5%
  25. Wolfsberg: 1.2km, 6.3%
  26. Camerig: 4.8km, 4.8%
  27. Drielandenpunt: 0.9 km, 5.2%
  28. Gemmenich: 1.1km, 4.6%
  29. Vijlenerbos: 2.3 km, 3.7%
  30. Eperheide: 2.4 km, 4.4%
  31. Gulperberg: 0.6km, 7.5%
  32. Plettenberg: 1.1km, 5.9%
  33. Eyserbosweg: 1.2 km, 6.2%

It is clear that during the Amstel Gold Race the riders will be faced with quite a few climbs, with a large number of climbs just a few kilometers apart. Most climbs have a gradient of around 4-6%, but there are also some tough climbs with percentages of up to 7.5% and even a steepest section of 22% on the Keutenberg. As Acelera we wish all participants good luck and fun during this classic!

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