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Article: Buy cheap cycling clothing

Goedkope fietskleding

Buy cheap cycling clothing

Cycling clothing can be incredibly expensive! However, that does not always have to be the case. There are plenty of cheap, but good quality alternatives. In this blog we explain what cheap cycling clothing means and what you should pay attention to when purchasing.

Cycling clothing is designed to be as comfortable as possible on the bike. The clothing molds to your body, so that you achieve full freedom of movement on the bike. A small example of this is, for example, the silicone gripper at the bottom of our cycling jersey.

In addition to comfort, cycling clothing also has aerodynamic benefits that will increase your speed. The aerodynamics of good cycling clothing can't be underestimated - it's amazing how much faster you are in a tight-fitting jersey than in a loose-fitting suit.

Another advantage of cycling clothing is safety. Think of reflective stripes, UV protection and protection during falls. The idea is often that cheap cycling clothing scores less well on many of these points. But cheap cycling clothing does not have to be of lesser quality. To help you make the right choice, we have given five tips below that you can pay attention to when buying cheap cycling clothing.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the padding

One of the most important parts (if not the most important) of your outfit is the padding of the cycling shorts. If it is of mediocre quality, your enjoyment of cycling will quickly decrease. In a store you can of course see reasonably well whether a padding is of decent quality, this is a lot more difficult online. Although quality cycling clothing can be found cheaply, there are unfortunately also less good alternatives. To get a good picture, it is advisable to read reviews from people who have tested or bought the product.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the important features

If you are looking for cheap cycling clothing, you do not want to compromise on comfort, quality and specifications. Some cheap cycling clothing does not have all the specifications that good cycling clothing does need. Some key features that we believe are essential for a good cycling outfit are: silicone grippers, zipper pocket for keys and valuables, good moisture regulation, good zipper and reflective details for visibility.

Tip 3: Country of origin

If you are looking online for cheap cycling clothing, be aware of where the cycling clothing comes from. For example, if the delivery time is longer than ten days, you can assume that the clothing does not come from Europe. Imitations of major brands are also common. It is important that if you buy cheap cycling clothing that it meets European safety requirements. Clothing that arrives through usurious websites often does not meet these requirements, which does not always benefit quality and safety. Did you know that all our clothing is made from the highest quality fabrics and is produced in Italy.

Tip 4: What level are you?

Are you often on the road bike? Or do you drive around once a month? These are questions you should definitely ask yourself. It is important when purchasing your cycling clothing. If you often cycle, then it is not a bad idea to spend a little more money on a good outfit. You can easily get this investment out. Besides the fact that it gives more comfort while cycling, the materials will also last longer. As a result, you spend less money in the long term and you have more comfort. If you're looking for clothes that are more efficient and comfortable for longer rides, remember that a small increase in cost means a disproportionate improvement in quality. A few extra bucks here will be some of the best money you'll ever put into cycling. Acelera's cheap cycling clothing is the perfect combination of comfort and affordability.

Tip 5: Too good to be true = too good to be true

A cheap pair of pants or a great offer on an outlet website that seems too good to be true often turns out to be too good to be true in practice. The development, production and testing of cycling clothing simply costs money. Keep this in mind when purchasing cheap cycling clothing.

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Ik ben een fan van jullie hoor , maar erger mij een beetje aan de vele spelfouten in het stukje met de tips .
Haal die er uit , en dan is jullie website helemaal top!😉
Groetjes Dirk.

Dirk de Groot

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