Tips for the right cycling shorts

Finding the right cycling shorts is not that easy. There are many differences in price, shape and material - how do you find the right one? No problem! We have carefully selected this topic for you and show you what you should pay attention to. We pay attention to the most important points when buying, what the differences are and which cycling shorts best suit your needs.

Choose the right cycling shorts with chamois

As a first step, the chamois plays a super important role in finding comfort on the bike. It is perhaps the most important part of your outfit. There are roughly three different chamois in circulation. A thin chamois, which is often used in triathlons. A medium thick chamois, most commonly used in road cycling and gravel biking. And a thick chamois, mainly used during long distances over cobblestones. Acelera's cycling shorts contain a medium-thick chamois with a large surface. The chamois offers comfort, moisture management and durability. This chamois is a real all-rounder and can be used for cycling, gravel biking and mountain biking. If you want more information about our specially developed chamois, click here.

Seams can chafe

Especially for long or frequent bike rides, the comfort and fit of cycling shorts is of great importance. In principle, the fewer seams a cycling short has, the more comfortable the cycling shorts are. In our Pro Performance cycling shorts we have no seams in the chamois, so that you feel super comfortable even on the longest rides. Due to the use of a higher percentage of elastane in the lycra, the shorts also have more compression at a lower weight. This supports your muscles and blood circulation and thus increases your performance.

Technology and bib shorts

There are several options in cycling shorts that can have a huge impact on your comfort and endurance while cycling. For example, our cycling shorts are processed in such a way that they have less air resistance than normal cycling shorts. The cycling shorts must also be made of elastic fabric so that they fit nicely and tightly around the legs. In addition, cycling shorts must have suspenders. Although there are also cycling shorts without braces in circulation, we strongly advise against this. It is precisely the suspenders that ensure that the pad stays perfectly in place. This is important to get the maximum comfort from the chamois. If it slides during the ride, this can cause problems.

General tips

When buying cycling shorts, you must therefore take into account the quality of the chamois, the type of fabric, seams and braces. Acelera has developed the perfect cycling shorts that combine all these components and bring them together in a sleek design. Experience the comfort, quality and sleek design of the Acelera cycling shorts for yourself.

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