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Article: The right cycling jersey for men: an absolute must!

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The right cycling jersey for men: an absolute must!

When you complete your cycling outfit, wearing the right cycling shirt for men is super important. Therefore, when ordering cycling clothing, make sure that the cycling shirt meets your requirements. Are you a fanatical cyclist or do you ride less often? Do you have a narrow or fuller build? Do you ride a road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike? Discover in this blog how to order the best cycling shirt for men!

level in cycling

First think carefully about your level of cycling. It is best for you to determine this yourself. Are you obsessed with your time and maximum speed on the bike? And do you prefer to ride every day? Then you fall into the category of fanatical cyclists. This group usually opts for a tighter cycling shirt that fits closely around the body. Aerodynamics and lightweight material are very important here. If you take the bike less often, it can still pay to wear a lightweight pro shirt. In addition to looking so good :-), a good cycling jersey also affects your sports performance. Do you cycle less than once a month? Then the choice for the shirt makes less of a difference. You probably won't mind a slightly looser fit.

Physical stature and size

The body and your posture naturally have a major influence on the size of the cycling shirt. Although we always see extremely well-trained bodies in cycling races, in practice there are also a lot of cyclists with a size extra. We wrote this blog especially for men who are looking for cycling clothing in a large size. Because sizes often differ from brand to brand, it is important to study the size chart before ordering. Cycling clothing is designed to be a bit tighter. So take your 'normal' size and assume that the clothing fits snugly around your body. Are you unsure about your size? You can always reach Acelera via chat, email or telephone.

Man with Acelera shirt

Type of shirt by bike

The type of bike you ride has a major influence on the shirt you wear. Here are a few rules of thumb that suit the bike and the type of shirt you wear.

- Racing bike

The road bike is all about speed, time and aerodynamics. Cycling shirts are also adapted to this. A good road bike jersey is designed to be light and fast, just like the bike. The shirts are close-fitting, lightweight and made for ultimate performance.

- Gravel bike

The gravel bike is in between a road bike and mountain bike. On this bike you are looking for the balance between speed and fun on gravel roads. You can wear a tight cycling shirt here, but a little freedom of movement during off-road riding is not an unnecessary luxury. So choose a cycling shirt with a lot of stretch, or a less tight-fitting fabric.

- Mountain bike

When riding a mountain bike, speed and time are slightly less important. Priority is being able to move freely and perhaps a number of extra pockets in which you can take something with you. Choose a special mountain bike shirt that is loose and can take a beating.

The right cycling jersey

Now that you have gone through the above points, you should have a clear picture of the right cycling shirt that fits your level, stature and type of bicycle. At Acelera, we decided not to compromise. The cycling jerseys consist of elastic fabrics with a high breathability. With a weight of 140 grams per m2 of fabric, the cycling shirt is one of the lightest of its kind. This makes the shirt comfortable and quickly wicks away moisture. Mainly intended to perform on the road bike and gravel bike.

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