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Article: Which cycling shirt do you wear in which weather conditions?

Welk fietsshirt draag je bij welke weersomstandigheden?

Which cycling shirt do you wear in which weather conditions?

We all know it, the days are getting shorter and the temperature keeps dropping. Yet you think to yourself “I don't want to sit still, but what cycling jersey should I wear to keep me warm?”. In this blog we take you to the wardrobe and help you put on the right cycling jersey!

Temperature: 15 to 25 degrees, lovely sunny day!

This is enjoying, unexpectedly a lovely sunny day! Here we can keep it short, you wear short cycling shorts and put on a nice Acelera cycling shirt, the high breathability and the long zipper allow you to regulate the temperature well. You are now ready to go for a nice ride, enjoy!

Temperature : 5 to 15 degrees, a windy day but dry!

A fresh autumn day, it remains dry and there is a strengthening wind from the south. You must be prepared for this wind, before you are surprised by the force and cold of the wind. It is therefore important to pull out the right cycling shirt, we recommend a windproof cycling shirt or a cycling jacket with a base layer that gives you sufficient ventilation!

Temperature : 5 to 15 degrees, a typical Dutch day! Wind & rain….

As Dutch people, we are now used to it, and are no longer afraid of a wet gust of wind in our face the moment we get on our bikes. But to be well prepared, we advise you to start with a base layer to keep out the cold, if it gets below 10 degrees, choose a base layer with long sleeves! You put on a cycling shirt, with short or long sleeves. With regard to waterproof clothing, it depends on the precipitation, with light precipitation a normal cycling jacket is enough. But in heavy rain, we recommend that you go for a waterproof cycling jacket with cycling shorts that keep you dry while cycling!

Temperature : -5 to 5 degrees, a cold & chilly day!

It's starting to get really cold now, but that won't stop you from getting on your bike. Which cycling shirt do you choose? And what else do you need to wear to have a nice ride? Start with a base layer, a long-sleeved thermal shirt is not an unnecessary luxury. In addition, choose warm socks, a long-sleeved cycling shirt and lined pants that keep your waist and legs warm. Last but not least, put on padded gloves with long fingers and a hat. This way you are destined against the Dutch cold!

Temperature : -5 to 5 degrees, brrr… cold & rain!

Rain, wet snow and a cold wind.. despite these weather conditions you still go out. You start with a long-sleeved thermal shirt, a pair of warm socks and long, waterproof cycling shorts. You choose a wind and waterproof jacket. Also put on a pair of waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm and dry. Finally, a neck warmer to keep your neck warm and a nice hat for your ears!

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