How do you choose the right cycling shorts?

If you're new to cycling, you probably look at other cyclists and wonder why they're wearing tight cycling shorts. There's a good reason for that! Most road and mountain bikes have hard saddles. They are specially designed for longer bike rides. Cycling shorts contain a padding that ensures that the hard saddle still feels comfortable.

Without underpants in cycling shorts?

It sounds crazy the first time, but cyclists never wear underwear in their cycling shorts. The trousers are specially made to increase comfort. The cycling shorts contain a chamois that follows the body's shape and efficiently wicks away sweat. This prevents chafing and discomfort. Therefore, look for flat and soft seams.

Pay attention to the padding

Cycling shorts are provided with special padding for extra comfort. Paddings come in different shapes, thicknesses, with perforations, production techniques and fabrics. We recommend that you pay attention to the quality of fabric, perforation and elasticity. A high-quality padding can easily last 300 cycling hours. The soft fabric will feel better because it is in direct contact with your skin. Perforated fillings provide better moisture management and better breathability. This way you stay fresh during long trips. A high elasticity gives you extra comfort while pedaling. In addition, look for a chamois with a soft outer layer. This foam offers correct moisture regulation, which increases breathability and makes the surface feel softer. You will only experience long-lasting comfortable support by using high-quality foams. Remember that you put a greater pressure on the padding and chamois while riding.

Bib shorts with suspenders

Cycling shorts with or without braces?

Cycling shorts are available with and without over-the-shoulder braces. We always recommend the use of cycling shorts with braces. As a result, the pants stay in place better, the chamois does not chafe and the padding stays better on the saddle. A wide and soft brace offers more comfort. The Acelera cycling shorts have silicone grippers in the legs. As a result, the pants do not creep up while cycling.


High-quality cycling shorts are made of nylon spandex, often referred to as lycra. This material is stretchy and closes well to the body. Acelera cycling shorts have small dimples in the fabric that increase aerodynamics.

Try your cycling shorts

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