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Are you planning to order cycling clothing online? Then orient yourself well before you make a purchase. Read our next five tips for buying cycling clothing online below.

Which cycling clothing do you need?

First think about exactly what kind of cycling clothing you need. This partly depends on the bike you ride. For example, you wear different clothing on a road bike or gravel bike than on a mountain bike. Clothing for road bikes and gravel bikes is generally good to wear on a mountain bike, vice versa often not. This has to do with the fact that mountain bike clothing is sometimes looser and therefore has more air resistance. And do you only go for a cycling shirt and cycling shorts or are you also looking for the right cycling shoes. Do you not know exactly what you are looking for, or do you find it difficult to find the right clothing? Then first read our Guide to the best cycling clothing .

At which online store do you buy your cycling clothing?

Make sure you make your online purchase at a reliable webshop. In an online bicycle shop, it is important that, for example, the address, contact details, payment methods, general terms and conditions and return policy are clearly indicated on the webshop. Also read the reviews of the cycling products. This gives a good impression of what previous buyers think of the product. Read what customers write about Acelera here .

How do you choose the right size online?

Because you view cycling clothing online, it is sometimes difficult to select the right size. Most online shops therefore always have a size chart with the product. This contains the chest, hip and back measurements of the cycling jerseys. Although it sometimes seems like a lot of effort, it often pays to measure yourself once. Make a note of it in the phone or write it down, that will save you next time. If you are not quite sure which size fits best, it is often wise to send a message to the webshop before you buy cycling clothing online.

Cycling clothing from the Netherlands?

If you think it is important that your cycling clothing comes from the Netherlands, always inquire about the location of the online store. Our experience shows that it is useful to buy cycling clothing through a Dutch webshop, so that you cannot be faced with any surprises.

Shipping and returns

Finally, when buying cycling clothing online, it is important that you check shipping and return conditions. Some online shops offer free shipping, while others charge you for it. In addition, always check the return policy of the online store. Because you can sometimes buy the wrong size cycling clothing, it is important that you can also return it without any problems.

Two cyclists with black cycling jerseys

Cycling clothing from Acelera

At Acelera you can easily and safely buy cycling clothing online. The cycling shirts and cycling shorts are provided with a size chart and the online shop is located in the Netherlands. We also offer free shipping and a 90-day cooling-off period. This is how you buy cheap cycling clothing online!

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